Cupcake Chronicles 4 by Patricia Carragon

Cupcake Chronicles 4

Sunday afternoon around 3:00, April 6, 2008

The wedding was high society in its presentation – sumptuous and lavish beyond dreams.  I was neither the lucky bride, nor an unlucky bridesmaid – just a casual acquaintance of the groom.  Flowers of every exotic origin decorated the tables and marble staircase.  The food was catered by an upscale New York restaurant, importing the skills from one of the finest chefs of Europe.  It was more perfect than perfection.  It was different from your usual millionaire’s reception.  Even the design of the wedding cake was different, consisting of twenty tiers of cupcakes dressed in gorgeous buttercream lilac and white rose petals.  The top tier had two cupcakes – one done in yang for the groom, the other, in yin for the bride.

When the bride and groom were ready for the cake cutting ceremony, the yin cupcake threw a fit at its yang mate and kicked it off the tier.  It landed on the bride’s Vera Wang gown.  The groom laughed and soon learned to regret it.  Other cupcakes became engaged in the argument, resulting in an unfortunate slapstick of mashed cake and icing on the guests below.

The couple ended their vows in a divorce.

By Patricia Carragon

Patricia Carragon is a New York City writer and poet.  Her work can be found online and in anthologies. She hosts the Brooklyn-based Brownstone Poets and is the editor of its annual anthology. She is the author of Journey to the Center of My Mind (Rogue Scholars Press, 2005).  Her latest book is Urban Haiku and More (Fierce Grace Press, 2010). She is a member of Brevitas, a group dedicated to short poems.


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