Animals of Africa’s Loins by Andrea J. Spencer

Animals of Africa’s Loins

Serpentine tension, whitening, tightening.
Gripping ballooned in pulsating red.

Racing and chasing, a breath torn with lightning.
Beating the drum on Africa Bled.

Its stone on the ground cradles slowing pulse, swallowed.
Eye of the cat spins white solid glaze.

The muscle of nature arches balance, life borrowed.
Beauty… not always measured in gaze.

Andrea J. Spencer

Andrea J. Spencer has been a prolific contributor to the national media for 35 years, serving as writer, producer and imagineer. She has produced materials for PBS and other television affiliates and has written for a myriad of publications. She is currently CEO of the National Cancer Society for Animals and Media Director for We Are the World Productions. Spencer holds degrees and certificates in education, journalism and the fine arts and has been a many time honored Wheaton College staff professional as well as alumni. She is currently writing a book, ‘Professor in the Sky with Diamonds’, the story of a throw away dog, turned national icon the day cancer became her life.


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