Alt. Valentine’s Selection – Abi Wyatt

My Lover Approaches Me Thus


In the starless pale when he scatters behind

all the bones his dreams undone

and, stirring, turns his mouth to mine

to taste my sleeping breath;

when his nakedness catches me half-awake

and his nuzzling scratches my cheek,

then, by the light of the lusty moon,

he comes to me truth and claw.


But when, by the light of the buttercup sun,

he comes to me again,

his morning arms wide and green

and petals blooming like stars;

then, his kisses fall like holy rain

that the earth may breed its jewels;

all my green limbs bend to his light

and the tiger grass sighs his name.


But then he comes again with a rush and roar,

windy on the wide, white surf;

his salt stings my heart awake

till it leaps and sparkles and sings;

and his sun-beamed shallows drift

with dreams that quicken me to joy.

Thus, my lover approaches me,

is my saviour and my spring.


Abi Wyatt


Abi Wyatt writes for her life in the shadow of Carne Brea near Redruth.  Formerly a teacher, she was paroled in 2004 and now writes poetry and short fiction as well as being the ‘house’ reviewer for Palores Press. She has been published in a number of magazines and e zines including Words with JAM, One Million Stories and ‘Poetry Cornwall’.  Her poetry collection ‘Moths in a Jar’ became available in November, 2010.


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