Four Poems By Larry Ziman


Technology overwhelms the mindless biologic state
by massing computer armies on the borders of mind’s face
and blitzkrieging electrically the uninhabited space
between mind’s tickertaped cheekbones and mind’s untied shoelace.



When life backfires and boomerangs and fun ricochets off your face,
it’s time to rethink paradise and hope happiness comes to play.
When love backfires and boomerangs and joy ricochets off your face,
it’s time to rethink happiness and hope paradise comes to stay.



All the chicks think he’s a wolf
for chasing that bird all the cats think a pig
but she’s a tigress calling him an animal
for treating her like a dog when she knows she’s a fox.



She had ‘the-great-idea’ chair at the little window table.
Her body was inside but her mind walked about.
I sat at a corner table in ‘a-minor-thought’ chair
writing this little poem you’re reading right now.


Larry Ziman


Larry Ziman lives in West Hollywood, California, and publishes and co-edits The Great American Poetry Show,, a serial poetry anthology open year-round to unlimited submissions of poems in English on any subject and in any style, length and number to




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