Haiku and Tanka By Alan Summers

Old Romance: A Contemporary Haiku Sequence

midnight conversation

it’s not always death

about lilies


vigilante movie

my elbow

heavy on your knee


Valentine’s Day

my wife too busy

with murder in mind


cherry mist

the gun you pointed

as I said I love you


dirty moon

last night

I trusted you



a small death

the cracked shell

of a snail

now this delay

at the train station



this long night

without you

filling with the sight

of regular rain

a cat picks at fast food


Alan Summers

Alan Summers was brought up in Bristol, but now lives in Bradford on Avon. He writes various types of poetry but is currently more interested in short form. Alan has attempted a 1000 word poem to show he can write longer verse, but is yet to be satisfied it says more than the white space of a haiku would say.


One thought on “Haiku and Tanka By Alan Summers

  1. haikutec says:

    If anyone would like to know more about haiku contact me at: alan@withwords.org.uk

    In particular I’m available for tuition, or you can join us on our residential course: http://area17.blogspot.com/2011/02/purely-haiku-unique-uk-based.html

    Even someone from Washington State is hoping to pop over to S.E. England because this course is so good, seriously! 😉

    In Wales you can catch my wife reading:

    If you live in the Midlands (U.K.) you can catch me at the Worcester Literary Festival:

    Saturday 18th June Start 11am Come and Go until 5pm

    The Haiku Walk: Nature as Inspiration

    Japan Times award-winning writer Alan Summers leads a fun haiku-writing walk with a complementary Haiku Journal notebook: “Nature half-writes the haiku before we’ve even put pen to paper. Become a co-poet with nature!”

    Other information etc… just contact me at: alan@withwords.org.uk

    all my best,


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