Three Poems By Victor Church


So there! Some

Say wunderkind,


Say perfect fool,

But most don’t give a damn, of course.

I laugh, for I’m


Genius and


I cannot

Tell what’s true or


Whether any

Of my work’s worth anything at

All, or if it’s


Wasting time, and


But I know

Not if my mind


Gone, or if the

Longest distance is from Mother

To Goodbye. All


With me pissing

Gainst the Wall


I’m Talking To The Cedar Trees

I’m talking to the cedar trees:

They always seem to understand

Whatever grief I spill on them,

Whatever blood I shed.

And as I speak,

So eagles snap the topmost shoots,

Fly off unto a distant rock, drop seed

To grow in gravel, morphing to

Stone forests on the mountainside,

Flint clusters to bear witness to my pain.

I’m talking to the cedar stones:

They do not seem to understand;

They spit back words in secret fonts

From long-dysfunctioned worlds;

Gaunt souls from long-forgotten dreams

Still haunt me with their ruptured chords;

Fast-forward through once verdant limbs,

Now fractured gangrene claws.

I’m talking to the cedar trees:

They tell me that the words I write

And all the whisperings I hear,

The eagles understand.




As I used

To be: erect and vibrant, hardcore

Branches reaching out for

You to take, unfold, unwrap, to


Your soil, and

Decorate the needles of my limbs.

Be silent whilst His hymns

Help shed the guilt that smothers me,


Hammers nails

Into his innocence. His bloodstained

Flesh whose shattering pain

Infests the tree from which he hangs.


Victor Church

Victor Church, poet and playwright was born in Scotland in 1943, and educated at King Edward VI Grammar Schools in Aston and Stratford-upon-Avon from 1954 until 1961.                                                                               Between 1961 and 2000 he worked in various jobs in Stratford, Madrid, London, Swansea, Shetland, and for twenty years in South Africa, before returning to Stratford-upon-Avon to devote himself to writing.                       Since 1959, he has written plays and sketches for stage, radio and television, novels, short stories, filmscripts, essays, song lyrics and poems. Others have been published, broadcast, performed and exhibited in the UK and overseas.


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