Three Poems by David Mullens


Even faith is a temptress,
(but only) if I’m faithful to myself.
Again last night I fell in mischief,
These simple acts are those which pleasure demands.

Intimate then abandoned,
Urbane and ugly like Argos in the rain,
With feelings uncollected – subject to change.
I walk nursing paper – rolls with flame,
It’s the stray et la petit dejurnier.

Tallies thicken with failure.
And every kiss the same unwanted colour,
Fabric rips for it’s rest,
Now I must try solo, alone, to grow,
I am now half of what I will become.


the square is the destination
the people of the piazza
there till early dawns
Roma can rest easy

communities collect
in city centres
blossoming in their cultures
blooming together as public

stronger than the senate
neighbours neglect negotiation
the strength as one
the passion is the primary colour

hostilities cease
and commitments quest
friends come closer
as the wine matures

eyes love in single looks
pocket books profess
notice what happens
as the pasta boils


the oldest shoulder hadn’t seen his shadow
thicker than the looks of smoke
more poisonous than cold truth
less delight than relief

and we look
we watch other looking at our points of reference
and forever we will try to relive our past
delicate souls block our tightrope of passage

for the taste of faith never did run so bitter
the truths my eyes have told this mind

savage I lust for the missing
old tricks sold at newer, higher prices
and delight devours all
all but what I choose to watch

format was my receptive speech
but we’re interconnected
buried in our houses, we’re wireless
and happy in our connection

young candles like static fireworks
burn with forever fuses
illuminating little
devouring wisps of airs

David Mullens

My name is Safe Dave, I’m a 25 year old Performance Writing student at Dartington College of Arts, an establishment now incorporated within Falmouth University. It is through my transition between the countryside of Dartington and the suburbs of Falmouth that I have been writing for a series of different projects, this however is something of my own time.


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