Three Poems by Neil Ellman

The King of Everything


The boy

Who played

With the sun

Turned light

Into a hyacinth

Fire to ice

He wore its crown

As if he were the king

Of everything.


The boy

Who played

With the moon

Turned its face

Into a sacrament

A lotus blossoming

Among the stars


He played with time

As well

Waived his arm

And it relented

For a moment

Stood its ground

And turned

Him into dust.


The Colour of Things




It is true

That in the land of blue

Everything is blue

Cats are blue

Dogs are blue

Even you

Turned blue—

There are so few

Who remember red.




It is said

That in the land of red

Everything is red

Fish, red

Birds, red

But you and I fled

From red


Not even the dead

Remember blue.


Chichen Itza


It is my way

Mine in the bloody folds of stone

I walk among the shadows

Cast by the quivering sun

Each a cenotaph

Each a heart ripped from the earth

By praying hands

Supplication and submission

To the feathered-serpent god.


The gargoyles and the crowds

Watch as I pass them by

The way I choose

To become as one with god

Theirs and mine

My heart

Clawed from my chest

And offered as a sacrifice—

I shall become their god.


Neil Ellman

Neil Ellman is a retired educator living and writing in New Jersey.  After many years of poetic inactivity, he returned to writing just two years ago and has enjoyed success in many print and online journals, as well as in five chapbooks.



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