downhill by Dan Grace



it’s downhill to the city I let gravity take me there

like a ball-bearing rolled through the streets

I accumulate molecules of benzene water plastics

gritty carcinogens plastered against my insides

bronchioles filled with sweet sweet smoke

and the inertia of human progress down


down into the city I roll it could be anywhere

but I recognise that beggar in the subway

this is my city and his and they can’t erase

those stains from the pavement outside Starbucks

where a women might have slipped and cracked her head

and people stepped around the body down


down on the concrete or more likely less dramatic though

where you spilt your coffee as you tried to sip it

scalding your lip as you answered your phone

everything at once and none of it done right

isn’t that what you said about this city about

this irresistible down down downhill roll


Dan Grace

Dan Grace lives and works in Sheffield. His poems have been published in Dark Mountain I and the forthcoming Dark Mountain II (and on their website here: and in forthcoming issues of Decanto. You can find him on Twitter at @DanPGrace if that’s your kind of thing.


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