Three Poems by Mohseen Jabbari



You’re playing hide and seek with me,

though I never agreed to be “it”.

My thoughts push my eyeballs against the home base:

I start counting down

from eternity.


Ontology of the Ocean Floor Sediments


Fingers elongate to the sun.

Toes glide over the fluid grass.


We recline. A cumulus cloud overhead.

Afloat, we bob. Locked fingers dissolve.


Romance in an apple orchard.

A beginning, a middle, an end.


3 AM in the Yard


The moon behind the branches of the peach tree.

The Big Dipper dipped into the inky sky.

A train’s hoot blanketing the sleeping town.

An icy wind’s swish in the alley outside.


I slip beneath the silky blanket next to you.


Mohsen Jabbari


Born and raised in Zanjan, situated in a valley barricaded by snow-cloaked mountains in the northwest of Iran, Mohsen Jabbari has a BA in English Translation (English-Persian) and is currently pursuing his master’s degree in English literature. He has been previously published in Pomegranate, Shadowtrain, Esque, and most recently in Pif Magazine and has forthcoming poems in London Magazine and Rangoli.


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