Two Poems by George Mckim

to walt whitman



leans into your face


as sleep,

recalls your

moments of light



the silent film,

is ingrained in your face


the unkempt desert

of your shadow

weeps itself up

from the casket

of new jersey, where



are building poems

in the sad forest

of your eyes


small fires


you wear

the sun’s plumage

like a vestment

of small fires


in the blue

suicide music,



through the apocalypse

of your thousand

fingered trees


George McKim


George McKim’s poetry has been published in, or is forthcoming in REM Magazine, The Dirty Napkin, Blaze Vox, Poets and Artists Magazine, Viral Cat, Tupelo Press Sappho Poetry Project, Leaf Garden Press, Clockwise Cat, 7 x 20 Journal, Eunoia, escarp, Eviscerator Heaven, Carcinogenic Poetry, Rust and Moth Journal and others.  George is the editor of the poetry journal – Psychic Meatloaf. He is also a visual artist and his artwork has been exhibited in group shows in galleries and museums and has been published in, or is forthcoming in Muzzle Magazine, Monarch Review, Otoliths, Portland Review Online, Viral Cat and Breadcrumb Scabs Poetry Journal.






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