Two Poems by Peter Magliocco

Through a Lens of Cracked Eternity


When they went

to the john


the arc of rap heaven

they never saw


to mouth harps,


wailing ways

for collective

unconscious hearts


laser knives

to suture

a suite of ventricles,


or pulsing out rhyme

our witch doctors

failed to excise

your taboos





overshadowed by

media reports

of war dead

with those

female soldiers


through a


bullet-holed lens

of cracked

eternity, then

you saw

the peephole

of god



In Eyes of Creation


Would you picture bearing anew

your silicone breasts fully

in the afterlife mothers go to

when children are still-born?

In eyes of creation a knife slices


Away ire of dark rainfall, yet

for an eternity we’re bleeding

to feel that utmost hope reborn

in hands reaching beyond us

to see what sleep does not rend.


Peter Magliocco


Peter Magliocco writes from Las Vegas, Nevada, where he’s edited the lit-zine ART:MAG for over 20 years. He has recent poetry in HEELTAP, SCYTHE, GOLD DUST, THIS, A HUDSON VIEW POETRY DIGEST and elsewhere. His latest chapbooks are Nude Poetry Garage Sale (Virgogray Press) and The Heaven of Words (Propaganda Press). He was Pushcart Prize nominated for poetry in 2010.


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