Symmetry Pebbles is Changing

Those of you who have been with SP since the start will know that it started out as a webzine, in the format you are seeing on your screen now. A while down the line Symmetry Pebbles became an e-zine, with the slight difference of it being made available in ‘issues’ which came as PDF downloads to subscribers. Due to personal commitments, running Symmetry Pebbles by myself for free and now having my own little family, I have had to make some changes to SP so that I can still run it and continue publishing great new work. Therefore, I have returned to the webzine format. New poems and art will be published as and when I come across something brilliant and you will find them on the homepage. I have also added all the elements that made up the e-zine to this webzine format, you will find them in the menu above – Featured Poet, which will contain, every so often,  a new poet interviewed about their work and some of their poems alongside; Featured Artist, which has the same concept as Featured Poet; Articles and Essays; and Reviews, where you will find reviews of new poetry publications. You can still subscribe to SP, but now instead of being emailed a downloadable publication you will be emailed with updates and about recent posts made here at Symmetry Pebbles.


Richard Thomas – Editor


4 thoughts on “Symmetry Pebbles is Changing

  1. ntaylortoo says:

    Well I’m glad I was published in here when it was simpler.

  2. Good luck with the new family and the continued success of Symmetry Pebbles.

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