Emily Dickinson (An Aragman) by Abigail Wyatt

Emily Dickinson

(An Aragman)


Demonic, ink-sly, I

illuminate the dark;


inky lids come in

where thunder breaks and


coined milky sin

overtakes me.


My silicone kind

press about my bed:


Sink icily, demon,

is all their entreaty


Kin dice my loins,

strike up my dark;


inky icon misled.


By Abigail Wyatt

Abigail’s poetry and short fiction have appeared in a variety of outlets including ‘Word Salad’, ‘Long Story Short’ and ‘One Million Stories’. In 2010,’Words With JAM’ published a small collection of her poems and, in 2011, it reviewed her collection, ‘Moths in a Jar’. Abigail has also been published by: ‘Poetic Diversity’, ‘Word Gumbo’,’Gold Dust Magazine’,’Apocrypha and Abstraction’, ‘The Recusant’,’Moonwashed Kisses’, ‘Daily Love’ and ‘Poetry Cornwall’. She retains the rights to all work.


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