CURATORS by Amitrajit Raajan



Un giorno come nessun altro…e cio’

che accade non si ripeterà mai più.


Was it by parallactic need,

one September morning, one day,

with the Totnesian summer gone

rapidly like untraceable light,

that Sandie and Paul found out

that whether they were on the road

or the paving, they were still

leading, heading, to be in different

places, states, simultaneously–

the Curator Store of vintage fashion,

books, and art; the Curator Café

of artisan, wood roasted, coffee,

featuring Italian food heroes?

How did they calculate, deliberate, and

measure out possible ways and means of

dissolving the bitterness of an americano?


E’ arrivato il grande giorno.

L’avevamo aspettato tanto.


Amitrajit Raajan


Amtrajit Raajan is a non-noteable, Lincolnshire-born, artist living in Devon, writing about local cafes.


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