OLD ANEW by Lavinia Kumar



Old elephants are found in Ballygeen

and make new friends, but some

never retire, they raise their trumpets,

curl with a neighbor, lean on a tree

and scratch until a need to roll in mud.

They listen to jazz piano, sail with birds

that migrate north then south

soaring against aurora lights

to a green land.


How well they rumble memories

of generations. They re-live the swims,

life in older colors, strolls on the grass.

And echo messages across seas,

including the wild Irish sea.

They wrestle with words and plays,

then poetry – always poetry –

and drink together, wrinkle stories,

walk on sand.


Lavinia Kumar


Lavinia Kumar’s chapbook, Rivers of Saris, will be published soon by Main Street Rag. Her poetry has appeared in Ascent Aspirations, Atlanta Review, Colere, Edison Literary Review, Exit 13, Flaneur, Kelsey Review, Mobius, Orbis, Pedestal, Pemmican, Poetry24, Thatchwork (Delaware Valley Poets), US1 Worksheets, the US1 newspaper, and Waterways.  She writes a weekly blog for seniorsmagazine.org.  She is an editor of children’s poetry at PoetryWITS.  Her website is at laviniakumar.org.


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