The Koi Pond by R. Joseph Capet

The Koi Pond


At the pond’s edge

the water flows

with symmetry of shoulder blades

on the back of a beautiful woman.


The koi knot like muscles

and release,

red as sinew—a sunken barque

in argyric mansions of the Moon.


From the waters God had birthed the world

—a crab ascending the primeval shore.

“From water all the world’s arisen,”

said Thales, reaching for a rope.


No light shed koi

but what is given

darting through the wet reflection

of Mare Insularum.


Is Chandra, too, Kumari Kandam—

a temple strewn with sunken shipping—

a Taos where only Neptune’s children

hear phantasmagoric bells?


Does all creation fit an order

known to Mohists in their sitting

’cause Aristotle’s vaunted ceilings

so high above are as below?


Koi ascend to crumbs of baking,

strewn like stars upon their heaven

—fire dunked into an ocean

extinguished in the gift of life.


Perhaps young Phaeton found his father

was Charon, seized the fateful oar,

and spilt the sun into the waters;

the saprophagous crab was born.


R. Joseph Capet


R. Joseph Capet ( is a poet, playwright, and essayist whose work in English and Esperanto has appeared in magazines and journals as diverse as decomP, The Montreal Review, the American Journal of Biblical Theology, and Sennaciulo.



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