SYmmetry Pebbles is now closed for submissions for issue 5. Submissions for Issue 6 will open soon, watch this space.

Symmetry Pebbles accepts submissions of:

Poetry (upto 3 poems)

Poetry and art related articles/essays

Poetry book reviews

Art and Photography (up to 5 images as jpegs or PDFs, 300+dpi)

To submit, please first read through the poems already published here, and have a look at the ‘About’ page to get a sense of the type of thing Symmetry Pebbles looks for. Then send your work, along with a one sentence bio, as an MS Word Doc to Please put your name and email address on each page of your document.

If you are interested in joining the SP team writing articles, essays or book reviews then email with the area you are interested in, your age, location, and an example of work you have done in that area. An email will be sent back if we think you are suitable with more info. We will send you digital copies of books for review. If you are interested in writing poetry and art related articles and/or essays then also let us know what ideas you have for future pieces. Symmetry Pebbles is a free publication and therefore cannot pay contributors, but what you will get is your work read by currently over 500 people each issue, a nice addition to your CV and the possibility of bigger oppotunites with SP.

Richard Thomas – Editor

23 thoughts on “Submissions

  1. Priyanka says:

    Do u accept Haiku?

  2. I dig what you guys are doing here! Good poems as well!l I’m gonna throw my hat into the ring in a bit.

  3. dew says:

    are you accepting art submissions?

  4. Thanks, do you accept simultaneous submissions?

  5. Liam Pezzano says:

    Once we submit, are you gonna get back to us? I gotta be honest, I’ve submitted to a few places before and gotten screwed.

  6. Lucile Barker says:

    Lovely looking mag! Wish you every success!

  7. R. Hernandez says:

    Submitted! Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. ashleycapes says:

    Hi Richard,

    Just wanted to ask if there was a rough response time for Issue 4?


  9. do you pay for submissions? do you accept previously published material?

    • Unfortunately i can’t offer payment for submissions. I do however accept previously published poems, provided that full details of previous publication are provided with the submission so I can credit.

  10. Great! Do you accept previously published material? Thanks for getting back to me!

  11. uggh, I didn’t mean to type that. I meant to type something else. Oops. I’ll send you some submissions!

  12. How can I submit my poems

  13. Cathy Bryant says:

    I saw on New Pages Classified that you are open to submissions again. Is the new theme Descent, as it says here, and what is the final date to submit on this theme, please? Sorry if I’ve missed the info!

  14. Ayanna Muata says:

    I have enjoyed perusing your archives. I am interested in submitting art if you feel my work is a good fit. I look forward to submissions reopening.

  15. […] Submissions link: […]

  16. […] Submissions link: […]

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