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9 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Donna Conrad says:

    No such thing as having enough of what I call megga Good Stuff-looking forward.Thank You

  2. Gregory Luce says:

    Fascinating mixture of writings and an excellent layout1 Looking forward to more.

  3. bumper67 says:

    I look forward to reading this magazine.

  4. Looking forward to reading you as well! And becoming a contributor. What about copyrights? And any other submission guidelines, Can we publish the same piece in other places as well as in your Ezine? is there a word limit, or limit to how many submissions we can send at a time?

    • There’s no word limit. Work should not be published elsewhere. You can send upto three poems per issue.

      • Thanks Richard..What about the copyrights? Will you be sharing our work elsewhere on the web? What are the final copyright’s to contributors..I have concerns about copyrights. Of course nothing is 100% guaranteed after its posted on the web.

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